Our collection reflects aspects of living and working in Woodstock and several of the surrounding towns of north Windsor County.


Museum Collection

This is the central object collection of the WHC. These items are historic objects which tell the history of Woodstock. The goal is to preserve and conserve these objects for future display and research. The Museum Collection can include items up to the present day, reflecting the ongoing history of Woodstock.

John Cotton Dana Research Library

The John Cotton Dana Research Library is a non-circulating Library that includes published books, pamphlets, bound periodicals and other printed materials about the history of Woodstock and Vermont, reference and research materials, and books by and about local families. This collection includes information up to the present day.

The Library is different than the other WHC collections. Most books do not have special intrinsic value, because they are just one of many copies of a published work. The books are also intended to be used for research and other purposes. Because of this different nature of books, they are acquired/discarded, not accessioned/deaccessioned as in the other collections. Those books or other published materials that do have intrinsic value will be separated into Special Collections. These could include first editions, autographed or inscribed copies, items of esthetic importance, special presses or imprints, irreplaceable items, or books with other unique characteristics as determined by staff.

George Goodrow Memorial Photographic Archive (includes The Vermont Standard Collection 1983-2003)

This is the photograph collection, containing important images and historical documents concerning the history of Woodstock. This collection includes information up to the present day.


This collection contains important historical documents and other ephemera concerning the history of Woodstock. This collection includes information up to the present day.We also keep research resources on the natural and built environment, land records, local governance & planning, commerce, industry, recreation, tourism, and contributions of individuals to our common culture through the arts, literature, and science. Our collection includes the George Goodrow Memorial Photographic Archives, books, DVDs, CDs, maps, artwork on paper, blueprints, personal papers, official documents, manuscripts, diaries, account records and ledger books, posters, periodicals, family records, bibles, genealogies, albums, scrapbooks, memoirs, oral histories, ephemera, selected newspapers back to 1800, and other records of local interest and historical importance. They are stored and can be accessed at the center through the John Cotton Dana Research Library and Archives.

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Accessing the Archives

Please call to make an appointment for the use of our research library.

  • Member: First hour free, then $10/hour

  • Non-members: First 1/2 hour free, then $20/hour

  • B&W Copies: .25/page

  • Color Copies: $1/page

  • Email low-res scan: $2/scan