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Further Information & Requirements

The applicant will assign a credit line with the photograph which reads:  Photo courtesy of the Woodstock History Center. Full documentation credit must appear in immediate proximity to the image, or in the section devoted to photographic credits. Abbreviations are not permitted.

Permission is valid only for the individual, company, or institution to whom it is specifically issued and may not be transferred, assigned, sold, or otherwise disposed of without written permission of the Woodstock History Center. Permission is granted for one-time use and only in the stated medium.

The publisher is to provide the Woodstock History Center with one complete, gratis copy of the  publication/film in which the image is reproduced.

Each image must be reproduced unaltered and, in its entirety, unless approved in advance by the Woodstock History Center.

All photograph files remain the property of the Woodstock History Center. Digital files must be deleted after one-time use.