Proposed bylaws changes & voting form 

The following is an overview of the proposed changes to the Woodstock History Center’s bylaws. Contact the office if you would like to review the complete draft of the bylaws. Please fill out the form below to vote on the amendments.

  • Simplified the language.

  • The Board of Trustees elects new members of the board, not the membership.

  • Vacancies to the board may be filled at any time by the BOT.

  • Election of officers shall occur at the annual meeting, not at another meeting following the annual meeting.

  • Keep the number of trustees 12-21.

  • There will be no vote by proxy.

  • Removed the limitation on consecutive terms of the President. It stated that: “No person shall serve as President for more than four consecutive terms, nor shall a former President be reelected to serve as President thereafter until after a one-year hiatus.”

  • The President does not have to sign all agreements. Just “deeds and formal instruments”.

  • The President is a regular member of the Board of Trustees and the committees (not ex-officio).

  • The Executive Committee will consist of the officers and one other trustee.

  • The Executive Committee evaluates the performance, compensation, and benefits of the Executive Director.

  • The Finance Committee members are appointed by the President.

  • Language was added that the Finance Committee also monitors financial statements as part of their duties.

  • The Committee on Trustees work on behalf of the board to address trustee issues.

  • The Vice President shall be a member of the Board of Trustees, not an ex-officio member.

  • The newly ratified Collections Committee description was added.

  • Removed the annual percentage rate of disbursement from the endowment fund. Included language that states that the board should maintain the long-term financial viability of the endowment fund.

  • Removed the Article that referred to having a Corporate Seal. A seal is no longer legally required for any purpose.

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