March 29, 2019 (Notice 1 of 3)

The Woodstock History Center wishes to resolve ownership issues with the items listed in broad terms below and in more detail on our website and at our office. Please be advised that the following described property is hereby considered abandoned by its prior owners, and will become the property of the Woodstock History Center, Inc., if no person can prove ownership of the property, pursuant to the provisions of Vermont Statutes Title 27: Chapter 12 – Museum Property.

1215 items, including 312 items of clothing, 162 clothing accessories (combs, fans, spectacles, etc.), 20 bed coverings, 15 rugs, 11 lighting pieces, 17 pieces of furniture, 8 trunks, 160 household items (decorative, cooking, eating, tools, textiles, etc.), 36 dolls plus 19 doll accessories, 50 items of jewelry, 41 paintings (drawings, sketches, etc.), 105 photographs (stereographs, tintypes, daguerreotype), 2 weapons, 61 paper items (diary, advertising, signs, etc.), 46 outdoor tools and equipment, 11 medical items, 77 game or sport pieces, 14 badges and pins, 8 coins and medals, 19 books, 21 other miscellaneous items.

Anyone claiming ownership, or who has knowledge of the whereabouts of the current owner, must notify the Woodstock History Center in writing by November 25, 2019.

If such written assertion of title is not presented to the Woodstock History Center by November 25, 2019, the property shall be considered abandoned or donated and shall become property of the Woodstock History Center.

Please see our website ( or visit our office at the address listed below for a detailed description of the items listed above. Please contact Becky Talcott for more information or to make a claim:

Woodstock History Center

26 Elm Street

Woodstock, VT 05091


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