The Demise of a Covered Bridge

The covered bridge was located near the present-day Recreation Center.

Old Covered Bridge Demolished Monday

Dynamite Charge at Each End Used in Dislodging Main Structure

The old covered is no more. Though it was dismantled several weeks ago, the main structure was still standing until Monday morning when two charges of dynamite, one at each end, administered the finishing touch.

A small crowd gathered at the new bridge, the news having spread that the deed was done. The fuses were set and the workmen fled to a safe distance. One charge went off, then the other. The end of the bridge next to the Covered Bridge Service Station sank into the river, but the other end, caught by the ledge, went only part way down.

While the charges were not very large, the explosions were loud enough to startle many people who did not know what was going on. One or two thought enemy raiders had at last come over. Small pieces of wood were hurled as far as the new bridge, and one piece was reported to have broken a window in the apartment of Mrs. Fred Howes over the garage, the piece of wood landing on a bed.

Workmen of the Trumbull Construction company and several local boys worked all afternoon with block and tackle to complete the job. When the south end fell into the river, the noise frightened a horse ridden by Keith Blake, who was thrown off and quite seriously injured.

One of the spectators at the blasting Monday morning was “Rob” Woods, who attempted to take pictures of the event. When the blast came, however, he was so startled that he is awaiting with great anxiety the result of his photography.

The Vermont Standard. June 15, 1944

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Building the New Bridge

Covered bridge sign.jpg

Bridge Sign

This sign used to hang on the west side of the covered bridge. Collection of the Woodstock History Center.

The old covered bridge on the right.

The old covered bridge on the right.