Research Continues on the Mackenzie Foundation

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Though research, the Woodstock History Center is continuing to uncover information on what happened to the Mackenzie Fountain, which for many years graced the town square, at the intersection of Elm and Central Streets.

In The Horse's Mouth, by Harry Ambrose, Harry relates the following which is another clue to the mystery:

At about the time the Woodstock Railway gave up the ghost... the tar and gravel road in the downtown square was replaced with concrete paving, and the grand old 1888 Victorian cast iron watering trough was removed. Dark green, almost black, the thing was so ugly and forbidding that when I was very young I was afraid of it, and would cross the square further up by Gillingham's. The world's greatest collection of "whatever," Lyle Pearsons, had it for years, lying in pieces behind his River Street saw mill. I assume it ended up as scrap for the war.  

As pieces continue to surface, we realize that at least some of the pieces were saved. If you have additional information on the whereabouts of any remnants of the Mackenzie Fountain, or remember seeing parts of it after it was disassembled, please let us know as we are interested in trying to reassemble as many pieces as possible.