Tribou's Elm, 1832

Did you know that in 1868, Jonas G. Tribou “inclosed his grounds, and within the inclosure started a grove of trees? He died in 1881, when the village purchased of his estate the building and lot and converted the grounds into a park in 1882. The photo shows the beautiful Elm tree set out about 1832 and the metal fence.

According to our records, Jonas Tribou left all of his estate in Woodstock to the Universalist Church in Woodstock who in turn gifted the park to the village of Woodstock.

Another interesting fact is that the fence was eventually removed but it was repurposed for use on the left side of the Taftsville Burial Ground. It was brought over there by Ray Harvey. His daughter, Joan (Cookie) told us about this as he detailed it in his personal journal. She'll be letting us know the date soon.

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