Interesting Local History

The Green 

The Flats

History of the Taftsville Bridge

The Woodstock Railway (Coming Soon)

The West Woodstock Bridge

Snow Snurfing

The Rockefeller Legacy

John Cotton Dana 

The Middle Covered Bridge

Mount Tom 

The West Woodstock Cannon

The Woodstock Country Club- The Mt. Peg Course 1895-1906 

The Royalton and Woodstock Turnpike 

John Nichols White 

Lafayette in Woodstock 

The Year Without a Summer 

The Woodstock Improvement Society 

Woodstock Aqueduct Company 

The Documentary Still Life's of Mark O'Dea


Cemetery Index*

Woodstock Vermont Cemetery Index.

*This index includes information on the following cemeteries: Curtis, Cushing, Fullerton, Handy, Highland, Methodist, Randall, Ransom, Smith, Shaw, Taftsville, and Walker. The index does not include: River Street, Morgan, Prosper, Josselyn, Riverside, Farnsworth/Cottel, & Long Hill.