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Donate to our Collection

If you have an item you would like to donate to our collection, please contact our Collections Manager, Becky Talcott, at (802) 457-1822, or contact us via email.

The collecting scope of the museum and library currently emphasizes the following:

  • The Dana Family – objects related to Charles and Mary Gay Swan Dana and their descendants who lived in the house.
  • Living in Woodstock – objects related to demographics, domestic life, family, community, local history, religious life, sports, recreation, the arts, leisure, social groups and education.
  • Working in Woodstock – objects related to the changing economic base of the Village and Town of Woodstock, business, manufacturing, mercantilism, tourism, transportation, labor, and scientific and technological development.
  • Governing in Woodstock - objects related to politics, elections, citizen action groups, education, governing boards and planning.
  • The built environment in the Village and Town – objects related to buildings and their design, architectural style and house form; layout of roads, streetscapes, and materials related to architecture in a broad social and economic context.
  • Individuals and their ideas and contributions – objects related to art, literature, medicine, music and philosophy produced by individuals from the Woodstock area.
  • Tourism in Woodstock – materials produced by residents, visitors and the media, and tourism’s impact on Woodstock.
  • Planning, land use and conservation – materials produced by residents, visitors and the media.
  • All of the above with respect to the towns surrounding Woodstock.
  • Select Vermont history.