Woodstock History Center

Board of Trustees

June 20, 2017, 5pm

John Cotton Dana Research Library


5:00 Call To order

5:02 Welcome to new trustees, Hans Meijer and Jane Soule

5:03 Introductions

5:05 Consent Agenda

5:10 Financial Report, Tom Hartman

5:20 President’s Remarks

5:35 Director’s Remarks

5:40 Other Business

5:45 Adjourn

Board of Trustees Meeting

John Cotton Dana Library

5pm Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trustees present: Heidi Lang-President, Tom Hartman-Treasurer, Barbara Drufovka-Secretary, Rick Fiske, Susan Fuller, Edith Walsh, Bill Dagger, Bob Holt, Charlie Degener, Kim French, John Endicott, Isabelle Bradley

Notified Absence: Ward Goodenough

Unnotified Absence: Greg Camp

Leave of Absence: Roland Moore

Others Present: Matthew Powers, WHC Director

Call to Order at 5:06pm by Heidi

(There was no April meeting.)

Consent Agenda Items: approved

Motion made by Charlie, seconded by Kim

Board Meeting minutes, March, 2017

Director’s Report

Committee Reports/Minutes

Treasurer’s Report: approved

Motion made by Rick, seconded by Isabelle

Year-to-Date notes (from Tom):

-LISWHIT remaining funding received in May

-BNY up

-Buildings & Grounds over budget

-Total expenses under budget year to date

Action Items:

-Complete year-end work papers for tax return and internal review

engagement with Janice Graham, CPA

-Meet with C. Donaldson in August

Director’s Remarks

Matt is continuing to work on increasing awareness in the community of what the WHC does, we are forming more partnerships. The Annual Appeal will be mailed soon; there have been some all-time highs this year. Matt would like to keep the WHC open for a few evenings on a trial basis and would like some volunteers from the board to help staff it.

Other Business:

Jane Soule and Hans Meir were approved by vote to join the Board of Trustees.

Motion made by Bob, seconded by Susan

President’s Remarks

-The Board congratulated Bob Holt for his work over 16 years with the History Fair

-Work day: May 26, 9am

-There was a productive meeting between the Executive Committee and the LISWHT donor regarding funding. The "wish list" generated by the Board was shared with her at her request.

-Opening Day will be Wednesday, May 31.

Meeting adjourned at 5:34 pm by Heidi

Next Board Meeting will be at 5pm Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Minutes recorded and respectfully submitted by Barbara Drufovka, Secretary

Committee/Staff Reports

April/May, 2017

Collections Committee: Chair, Susan Fuller/Staff Liaison, Becky Talcott

See the minutes from May 17, 2017.

Committee on Trustees: Chair, Heidi Lang/Staff Liaison, Matt Powers

Present: Isabel Bradley & Charlie Degener, Heidi Lang

On Saturday June 6th and Sunday June7th, via an email meeting and vote, the Committee on Trustees reviewed Matt’s idea to add information to the website describing the WHC ’s numerous committee opportunities, as well as information about serving as a Trustee. The committee unanimously voted in favor. All liked the idea of using our website as a "one-stop-shopping" experience for information about the WHC and hope the additions may increase community interest and involvement.

Next Meeting: July 6th, 2017, 5:30 pm

Development & Marketing: Chair, Kim French/Staff Liaison, Matt Powers

No report.

Executive Committee: Chair, Heidi Lang/Staff Liaison, Matt Powers

Present: Robert Holt, Barbara Drufovka, Isabel Bradley, Susan Fuller, Heidi Lang

Excused Absence: Tom Hartman, Edith Phyfe Walsh

The Executive Committee met on Tuesday May 2nd. Impressions of the meeting with our

LISWHIT donor were shared with members of the Exec. Committee who were absent from the

April 20th meeting. The committee felt we made significant progress with our donor by reaching a

clearer and more mutual understanding of the goals/concerns of both the WHC and the donor.

We have received the second half of the LISWHIT Grant for 2017. Tom is in communication with

the donor and hopes to meet with her again this August, to discuss plans for the Grant in 2018.

Next Scheduled Meeting: Tuesday, October 6th, 2017

Education & Scholarship: Chair, Barbara Drufovka/Staff Liaison, Jennie Shurtleff

There was one applicant for the scholarship this year, who unfortunately did not meet the criteria as framed by our mission. Instead it was decided to use the funds to offer a summer internship, for which we received an applicant, and Alison Leibly will be our new WHC summer intern.

Finance Committee: Chair, Tom Hartman/ Staff Liaison, Matt Powers

No report.

Oral History: Chair, Ward Goodenough/Staff Liaison, Jennie Shurtleff

No report.

Research & Publications: Chair, Vacant/Staff Liaison, Matt Powers

The Arcadia Press book Woodstock, will be released in early June. The WHC will be hosting a reception and book signing on Sunday, June 11, 2 p.m. The author, F. Jay Barrett will discuss the book. The museum will be open as well.

Special Events Committee: Chair, Barbara Drufovka/Staff Liaison, Jennie Shurtleff

The last meeting was on Thursday, June 8. The next event will be the Band Concert and Ice Cream Social on Friday, July 7 at 7pm. The Cemetery Tour will happen at the Cushing Cemetery this year, and volunteers are sought to be tour guides as well as two reenactors still needed for scripts. The new Cobb Excursion will happen on Sunday, August 27. The next Special Events Committee meeting will be on Monday, August 21 at 4:30pm.

Minutes of the Collections Committee Meeting, May 17, 2017

Attendees: Isabelle Bradley, Charlie Degener, Susan Fuller, Joan Harvey, Rachel Kurland, Gina Moore, Matt Powers, Sarah Roberts, Becky Talcott


· Microfilm: Matt and Becky looked at the microfilm we have on loan from the Town Clerk’s office and others in the collection. The film is definitely not the older nitrate-based film, which is flammable. However, it was not clear to us whether we had the cellulose acetate or the polyester film. Polyester is archival quality, while the acetate can degrade over time. We store the films in the library or archives, so it is fairly well climate-controlled. Matt said we do have some old film strips (not microfilm) which are stored in metal canisters, and those films may be the older nitrate-based.

· Vermont Standards from Cameron Clifford: Matt has spoken with Mr. Clifford, but the donor has not yet been able to set up a time for us to come and pick up the Standard volumes.

· Woodstock Land Records: we have not heard further from the potential donor about their bringing the microfilms and the reader to us. Becky will contact the donor.

New Business:

· Museum work day: scheduled for Friday, May 26, beginning at 9 AM. Everyone is welcome to come by and help us with the final preparations for opening the museum on the 31st. Chores such as dusting, polishing, arranging, etc. If you are not available first thing in the morning, but have a little time later in the day, please stop by or call to see if we still have work to do.

Items to be reviewed (details attached):

· Six letters from Europe written to Woodstock resident Mrs. Elba Buckman in 1914-1916. The donor was a history teacher when he acquired the letters, and he had the letters transcribed by one of his students. He sent us both the originals and the transcription. Four of the letters were from a woman who was traveling in Europe when the First World War broke out. One was sent to Mrs. Buckman when her daughter was born. One was from a soldier who had received and read a letter from Mrs. Buckman while in the trenches. Accessioned.

· Golden eagle pin – offered for sale when the new Woodstock Inn opened in 1969. Accessioned.

· Edwin Atwood (1876-1964) family information: family tree, photos of ancestral church in England. The donor had done some study here on her family, and shared the results of her more extensive research. Accessioned.

· Poem/advertisement from the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce about the foliage being past. Accessioned.

· Unframed Alice Standish Buell map 1934. We do not yet have this map. Becky talked with the donor and emailed her a Deed of Gift to send in with the map. It has some damage. Accessioned—once we see the amount of damage, we will decide if the map will be preserved or used. Charlie said there was more than one map by Ms. Buell. The first was in 1934. He also thought she made one in 1949, and there may have been a later similar map by someone else. Some of the

maps were hand-colored. [Note from after the meeting: The large version of "Roads and Country Homes near Woodstock" in our barn is marked Douglas Ross 1966]

· Wool blanket, believed to have been made in Woodstock. This is being offered by the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, MA. The museum is closing and seeking homes for items in its collection. There is no detail on when it was made or by whom, but it was given to the museum by a Mrs. Seaver who had lived in South Woodstock. Rachel said the description of its imperfections make this seem like a home-made blanket, not manufactured. If we accept the blanket, we may need to pick it up. Accessioned. Matt said he was interested in checking with the museum to see if they still have other items that might be of use to us, e.g., display cases, mannequins, etc.

· Baseball uniform worn by W. Roberts circa 1914-1916. The box with the uniform has been here in the attic for several years. It had a note that said it was donated by Joyce Barbieri. We have not found a record that it was officially accessioned, so it was brought before the Committee for review. Accessioned. We should try to find Joyce Barbieri to get a Deed of Gift, so if you know who she might be, please let us know. Also, if you know who W. Roberts was, please let us know.

Our next regularly scheduled Committee meeting is Wednesday, June 21, at 5 PM, at the History Center.

Special Events Committee

March 2, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Barbara Drufovka (chair), Charlet Davenport, Isabelle Bradley, Bill Dagger, and Jennie Shurtleff

1. Wassail Debriefing

Attendance: The 2016 Wassail attendance was as follows:

● Friday Evening: 137 guests

● Saturday: 638 guests

● Sunday afternoon (Holiday Program): 10 guests

While the attendance for 2016 was lower than the attendance for 2015, the 2016 attendance was a more manageable crowd size and better suited to the venue.

Food at Friday Open House: Fancy hors d’oeuvres were passed on Friday evening. Less fancy hors d’oeuvres were served on the tables. There was plenty of food for the entire open house and leftovers for Saturday.

Volunteers: In 2016 there were far more volunteers (both Friday evening and Saturday) than in 2015, with an interpreter in each exhibit room as well as floaters. The addition of the extra staff allowed for greater safety of the collection and more interaction with guests. There were also several volunteer decorators (including Charlet Davenport, Heidi Lang, and Isabelle Bradley) which led to much more lavishly decorated rooms in the museum.

Silent Auction: The silent auction was well received and most of the items sold.

Suggestions for Wassil 2017: Matt has suggested that we may not be open on Saturday for Wassail next year (or that we may be open, but not be part of the formal house tour). The Committee felt that since many of the people who attend the Pentangle Tour do so every year, that having the History Center on the tour every year may lead to dwindling attendance over time, and that it might be a good idea to only be on the Pentangle Tour every other year. They also noted that it is hard to get volunteers to work during Wassail Weekend because many people have guests in town or want to participate in Wassail themselves.

The Committee reiterated that the Friday night event with food was a worthwhile community event and a nice way to show appreciation for History Center’s members.

2. Band Concert/Ice Cream Social

Jennie has secured the date of Friday, July 7, at 7 pm, for the Band Concert/Ice Cream Social with the South Royalton Town Band. This event is on the Chamber’s calendar, and at this point there are no scheduling conflicts with that date.

Band Concert Action Items:

● Contact White Cottage about ice cream

● Arrange for volunteers (Bill, Isabelle, and Charlet said they would help scoop ice cream at the event)

● Marketing (posters, press release, etc.)

3. Cemetery Tour

Jennie contacted Greg Camp who indicated that the History Center could hold the cemetery tour at Cushing Cemetery on Saturday, July 15, at 5:30. She has also checked the Chamber’s calendar, and currently there are no scheduling conflicts with that date.

In January, Barbara and Jennie met to discuss who would be the focal characters for the cemetery tour this year, and they selected the following based on gender diversity, compelling stories, and availability of research materials.

A. Aaron and Margery Hutchinson

● Aaron Hutchinson: First minister in the area; father of Titus Hutchinson; delivered the convocation when Vermont’s first Constitution was adopted

● Margery Hutchinson: Aaron’s wife

B. Seth Taft (of the Taftsville Taft brothers) who died of lock jaw.

Seth will relate highlights from the history of Taftsville.

C. Asenath and John Darling

● Asenath Vaughan Darling: Wife of John Darling. Daughter of Jabez Vaughan of Pomfret. She will relate stories about local people during the Indian Raid of 1780.

● John Darling: Son of Joseph and Huldah Darling. Came to Woodstock in 1773, when he was 13. At the age of 17, he went to fight in the Revolutionary War in place of his neighbor – Nathan Fletcher (who had been drafted) – in return for Fletcher’s equipment.

D. Joseph Burnham: Scoundrel convicted of rape who died in prison. The soap opera of the day!

E. Lois Paddock Doton (Hosea Doton’s first wife) talking about Hosea Doton.

Hosea Doton was a teacher, author, map maker, and surveyor.

F. Unknown Grave: "Oswald." Story of how skeleton was in a classroom and later buried.