5:00 p.m. February 21, 2017


5:00 Call to Order- Heidi Lang


 Approval of Board Meeting minutes, January 17, 2017

 Director’s Report

 Committee Reports/Minutes

5:10 Treasurer’s Report- Tom Hartman

5:20 President’s Remarks:

        Lecture Series Volunteers

        Gift Acceptance Policy Update

5:25 Discussion: Pros/Cons of posting Board meeting minutes on the WHC website.

5:45 Other Business

5:55 Adjourn

Board of Trustees Meeting

John Cotton Dana Library

5pm Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trustees present: Heidi Lang-President, Tom Hartman-Treasurer, Barbara Drufovka-Secretary, Rick Fiske, Isabelle Bradley, Greg Camp, Susan Fuller, Ward Goodenough, Edith Walsh, Bill Dagger, Kim French, John Endicott

Notified Absence: Joan Harvey

Unnotified Absence: Bob Holt

Leave of Absence: Roland Moore

Others Present: Matthew Powers, WHC Director

Call to Order at 5:05pm by Heidi

Consent Agenda Items: approved as amended

Motion made by Isabelle, seconded by Greg

Board Meeting minutes, November 15, 2016: add Joan Harvey’s name to November meeting minutes.

Director’s Report.

Committee Reports/Minutes: Education Committee Report p.2 correct 2107 to 2017

(The director will make a recommendation as to whether we should publish the Board Meeting Minutes.)

Treasurer’s Report: approved

Motion made by Ward, seconded by Edith

President’s Remarks

President’s Performance Review of the ED was completed in early January. Executive Committee’s Review of ED will take place January 24th at 5pm for the performance review of the Director. The Committee will work on the Employee Handbook. The Board Appreciation Dinner at the Prince and the Pauper in December was a well-attended celebration. Keri Cole has resigned from the Board for personal reasons. We now need a new chair for the Research and Publications Committee. Please contact Matt and/or Heidi. Roland Moore needs to be approved for a leave of absence as he would like to remain on the Board but plans to live locally and attend meetings only between April and October each year. The board must vote to approve. With a leave of absence, a person does not receive emails and regular communications and is not permitted to vote by proxy, nor is he included in determining if the board has a quorum. The language in the bylaws will be revisited in the future to avoid confusion. Reinstatement to the board must be voted upon by the board, and then any future leave of absence voted on again.

Motion made by Greg, seconded by Ward: approved

Director’s Remarks

There has been good attendance at recent events. The new website is up and running with many more resources including an events calendar, 20-30 articles, a Board of Trustees portal that is password protected (Matt passed out slips of paper with the password) and includes all of the committee and Trustees meetings minutes. The website will eventually incorporate a live Facebook Feed and the Youtube Channel. There is the possibility for including past content such as Cemetery Tour reenactments, WHC talks and other events (some people were turned away from last Sunday’s event because we were at fire code capacity), possibly extending video capacity to the barn upstairs.

Hardeman Trust - Charles Hardeman was a past board member who included the WHC as one of 12 beneficiaries of a trust. The trust is worth over $8 million, $7.1 is in stocks, and the WHC received a $10,000 distribution last year. Mr. Hardeman’s daughter would like to inhabit the home that is owned by the trust, and is using the income from the trust to maintain the house which has an estimated value of $450,000. The WHC has plans to review our planned giving and gift acceptance policies.

Meeting adjourned at 5:37 pm by Heidi

Next Board Meeting will be at 5pm Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Minutes recorded and respectfully submitted by Barbara Drufovka, Secretary

Committee/Staff Reports

January 17, 2017

Collections Committee: Chair, Susan Fuller/Staff Liaison, Becky Talcott

See the minutes from the January 18, 2017 meeting.

Committee on Trustees: Chair, Heidi Lang/Staff Liaison, Matt Powers

No report this month.

Development & Marketing: Chair, Edith Phyfe/Staff Liaison, Matt Powers

See the minutes from the February 13, 2017 meeting.

Executive Committee: Chair, Heidi Lang/Staff Liaison, Matt Powers

No report this month.

Education & Scholarship: Chair, Barbara Drufovka/Staff Liaison, Jennie Shurtleff

The Education and Scholarship Committee last met on January 12, 2017.

WHC Scholarship Mission Statement: The purpose of the award is to encourage scholarship in the field of history, to publicize the mission of the WHC, and in so doing to further our commitment to and support of the Woodstock community. We do not look at financial need as a criteria for receiving the gift.

The Committee revised the language in the application and discussed timing for release of the scholarship during the school year. We also made plans for fundraising to endow the scholarship with the help of the Marketing and Development Committee. The next meeting will be after May 2, which is the application deadline, to review applications for the scholarship.

Finance Committee: Chair, Tom Hartman/ Staff Liaison, Matt Powers

No report this month.

Oral History: Chair, Ward Goodenough/Staff Liaison, Jennie Shurtleff

Through a generous grant, the History Center has purchased some new equipment which is more sophisticated than our previous digital recorder. On Friday, March 31, Andy Kovolos, of the Vermont Folklife Center, will lead a workshop on how to use the new equipment. Also, Daniel Sullivan has volunteered to start going through the oral histories that were digitized in-house several years ago. He will review them to insure that their indices are complete and that they are not corrupted with ambient sound.

Research & Publications: Chair, Vacant/Staff Liaison, Matt Powers

No report this month.

Special Events Committee: Chair, Barbara Drufovka/Staff Liaison, Jennie Shurtleff

The last meeting of the Special Events Committee was December 1, 2016. A tentative calendar of events was set for the coming year, including:

o The Band Concert: Friday, July 7, 7 pm

o The Cemetery Tour: Saturday, July 15, 5:30pm

o Excursion: Tentatively set for Sunday, August 27, 1-3 pm - this would be a new educational event for the WHC, set near the Vondell Reservoir property off the Prosper Road along the old Cobb family neighborhood, and incorporating light walking, speakers, food, etc.

o The Old Time Fair: Saturday, September 23, 1-4 pm

The next meeting will be Thursday, March 2 at 4:30pm in the library.

Education Report: Jennie Shurtleff

The Woodstock History Center is once again doing educational outreach at the Woodstock Terrace. This month the History Center was asked to do a slide lecture on the Woodstock Railway. This topic is particularly timely with the recent renovations to the old depot building on Pleasant Street. The focus of the program was not only on the Railway's route, the obstacles that had to be overcome, and the sites that are still extant, but also on the impact the Railway had on Woodstock’s subsequent development. The Woodstock Terrace administrators have asked if the History Center will return to do monthly programs and, based on residents’ requests, cover such topics as early Woodstock history, the Windsor County Fair, and farming.

Special Projects/Library Report: Carie Good

This fall I began the initial steps of restoring the Library to a systematically functional order. In conversations with Matt, we decided to keep the Dewey Decimal subject classification system, and retain the searchable card catalogues. The long-range plan (which may take years!) is that every book will be accounted for, accessioned, catalogued, shelved in order (or archived), and also entered into the PastPerfect searchable database system. As of February 9, I have finished the first step of arranging all the books in the Library shelves by number and reconciling each book that is currently in place with its individual shelf-list card (except for the last two shelves which will be done when I return to Woodstock in April.) In the process we’ve discovered a large number of books that are unaccounted for, probably shelved or stored elsewhere or de-accessioned earlier. Locating these ‘missing’ books is the next step, which will begin when I return. There are also many books on the shelves (and other locations) that have not yet been accessioned and/or catalogued, a task which will require a good deal of attention in the future.

Minutes of the Collections Committee Meeting

January 18, 2017

Attendees: Isabelle Bradley, Charlet Davenport, Charlie Degener, Susan Fuller, Carie Good, Rachel Kurland, Gina Moore, Matt Powers, Sarah Roberts, Jane Soule, Becky Talcott, Wayne Thompson

Membership list: Susan asked if the Committee members would fill out a form with contact information, so we have more than one method of contacting people if necessary. It will only be shared with the Committee members and the Board. A copy is attached.


Becky passed out a list that included all of the items that the Committee accessioned in 2016. Busy year! A copy of the list is attached.

Items reviewed (details attached):

· On-board newsletter from the C-3 troopship “Fred C. Ainsworth” returning from Japan in 1946. Accessioned.

· Three bustles for use when trying on old costumes, intended for the Education Collection. Accessioned to the Education Collection.

Rachel found items in the Costume Collection which she knew that Gina Moore had donated years ago. Gina also remembered donating them, but Becky has not been able to find an accession record. So, Gina has now signed a Deed of Gift for a dress, a pair of shoes and a hat. Becky said that we had been contacted by a gentleman who is a descendant of Edward H. Williams, Jr. of Woodstock. His family has inherited many items from the Williams family, including papers and furniture. He and his family are working on cataloguing and appraising everything (which will probably take a while), but it is possible that we might be the recipient of some things related to the Williams family. Most of the items are currently located in southern California. The gentleman (Dave Wells) also said that his grandfather (Seymour Ballard) owned the Burke-Kendall house in South Woodstock which was sold to the Doschers, and then became the photography school. He had gotten information about the house from our WHS archivist back in 2011.

The rest of the meeting was spent looking through photographs that were part of the Vermont Standard donation in 2015. Lin Thompson has worked through about 85-90% of that donation, organizing the photos and identifying people and places (with help from some people on the committee, too). We tried to identify more of the unknowns, and we made some progress.

The next Collections meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 15, at 5 PM at the History Center.

Development & Marketing Committee

February 13, 2017

As a step towards accomplishment of 2017 development goals, a Gift Acceptance Policy and Guidelines document was created and reviewed. Comments and suggested additions were discussed. Once edits are incorporated, the policies and guidelines will be sent to the WHC Vermont Community Fund (VCF) representative for additional comment and review. With VCF’s comments incorporated, the policies and guidelines will then go to the Finance Committee for review. Upon completion of these steps, a final draft will be brought to the Board of Trustees for approval. We agreed to create a Gift Acceptance Committee. Members will be the Treasurer, a Development & Marketing Committee member, the Executive Director, and the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Gift review processes will be outlined in the Gift Acceptance Policy and Guidelines. We agreed to explore obtaining outside legal counsel. Legal counsel will be retained as needed to review gifts to ensure adherence to the Gift Acceptance Policy and Guidelines. We agreed to initiate a Planned Giving brochure for distribution to area financial planners, investment advisors, estate planners, and WHC Members. The brochure development will be created after the completion of the Gift Acceptance Policy and Guidelines.

The next Development & Marketing Committee meeting will take place in April (date to be determined).

Director’s Report

February 21, 2017


  •  Utilized Edith’s Gift and Acceptance Policies to develop a draft policy for the Development Committee to review.
  •  Met with the Development Committee to review the proposed policy.


  •  See Collections Committee minutes from January 18, 2017.
  •  See Special Projects/Library Report from Carie Good in the committee reports.
  •  Linn Thompson continues to work several hours per week on our house history project. She has been sorting and creating finding aids for the realty records in the archives. The next step will be to rehouse them in a new file cabinet. The filing system will be based on the grand list that was shared to us by Charlie Degener (when he was at the Listor’s Office).
  •  Rachel Kurland, our costume consultant will be working several hours per week to continue a new hat exhibit for the upcoming summer season. Two cases were moved into the Spear Room for better display of those items.
  •  We purchased a good supply of archival boxes for the costume collection so Rachel can continue to catalogue and rehouse collection items.
  •  Becky continues to process a myriad of items that have been donated to the WHC. She is also working on updating the loan agreements (per our policy), finding items for our exhibits, and working on supporting Carie and Rachel with their projects.
  •  We are beginning to install The Green exhibit in the gallery.


  •  See Education Report by Jennie Shurtleff.
  •  The upcoming program by Bruce Coffin will be held at the Little Theater thanks to the Recreation Department.
  •  Jennie and the staff have conducted 9 research requests since the last board meeting.

PR & Marketing:

  •  We have contributed information on the Rockefellers for the upcoming Woodstock Inn Magazine.
  •  Jennie and I met with Cassie Horner who is doing an article on our upcoming “Green” exhibit in the spring edition of Woodstock Magazine.

Building & Grounds:

  •  Painted the Gallery and the education space in the back barn.
  •  Installed cabinetry in the upstairs bathroom.

Continuing Education:


Key Nonprofit Accounting Predictions for 2017 from CommonGood Vermont news:

• Funding Instability: Funding instability will likely force a shift in the nature of funding, with more grantors looking to fund mobilization versus intervention (working to prevent issues instead of dealing with them after they’ve occurred). Many organizations will look to new or innovative ways of providing services, making changes based on data and analytics. In light of recent public statements, the potential is high for grant reductions for FY 2018 for some market segments.

• Structural Staffing Changes: Uncertainty around the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rule changes might drive nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to make structural changes to their workforce. To contain extra expense, many might convert salaried employees to hourly or look to part-time employees to fill staffing gaps. If the overtime rule changes are enforced, the Department of Labor (DOL) will likely pay close attention to the implementation of new overtime rules, and could even target two or three high-profile NPOs to encourage compliance within the sector. It will be imperative for organizations to monitor whether the overtime rule changes go into effect or not.

• Clustering: Many organizations will band together to share resources, overhead, and personnel to serve a common demographic. Many will focus on specialization in a particular area or service versus considering expansion.

• For-Profit CFOs Moving to Nonprofits: The number of for-profit candidates considering nonprofit jobs has risen 25 percent over the past year. With these personnel moves, organizations will likely be much more data- and ROI-driven, creating new business models and financial performance expectations at nonprofits.

• Greater Technological Efficiency: With the increase in complexity around processes and rule/regulation changes, many nonprofits will turn to technology to increase automation of high-volume, repetitive tasks. This will free up financial personnel to focus more acutely on addressing increasing complexities to ensure compliance. Additionally, ongoing cloud adoption will increase accessibility for nonprofit staff to work anytime from anywhere.

“2017 will be heavily influenced by uncertainty in both the political and economic climates,” said Payne. “Organizations that will be successful are the ones paying attention to these trends, and making necessary adjustments to stay nimble and focused on delivering their mission.”